Litigation and Negotiation Consultation

In my 35 years as an attorney I have:

  • Negotiated settlements in over 10,000 cases
  • Tried hundreds if not thousands of personal injury and workers compensation cases
  • Mediated and helped parties to resolve disputes
  • Made settlement recommendations as a judge pro tem
  • Ruled on issues and made decisions as the trier of fact
  • Put together many political and public policy deals

I’ve also studied in depth, lectured, and written on a variety of legal, medical and alternative dispute resolution topics.

I’ve learned how different parties and decision makers evaluate cases, sometimes from making mistakes of my own.

If you need advice as to tactics, strategy, or evaluation of cases or issues, we can quickly figure out if I can help you. This includes whether mediation or other alternative dispute resolution options make sense for you and your client.  Give me a call at (510) 333-7118 or email me at