Frank RussoYou have come to the right place if you want to engage the services of a legal professional who will help you settle your case or dispute more quickly, with greater satisfaction, and less expense than litigation. I bring parties from conflict to resolution through establishing rapport, earning trust, understanding perspectives, and overcoming legal, psychological, and philosophical differences.

With over 10,000 settlements over the course of 37 years as attorney, I have earned a reputation as a “peacemaker.”  Combining a keen sense of negotiation, a touch of diplomacy, and the ability to bridge differences between entrenched parties, I help you and the other parties make the best decisions by:

  • Preparing the parties prior to the process
  • Drilling down to core interests and identifying the barriers to settlement
  • Listening and understanding different points of view
  • Facilitating communication and building a dialogue between the parties
  • Explaining the law and practical choices
  • Exploring creative settlements and thinking outside the box
  • Working tirelessly to get to “Yes”

I specialize in resolving matters through a variety of Alternative Dispute Resolution  (ADR) processes:

  • Mediation and Arbitration
  • Early Neutral Evaluation
  • Discovery Referee
  • Special Master

Click here to learn more about each ADR process and to select the right method for your case. I also provide litigation and negotiation consulting, as well expert witness testimony.  Lastly, I am available for group trainings and presentations, sharing my knowledge and expertise about alternative dispute resolution techniques and how each of them can help you and your clients. Contact me to discuss a case, learn more about my services, or discover why alternative dispute resolution makes sense for your matter.

Frank D. Russo

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