There are advantages to arbitration, especially the ability to have disputes resolved quickly.  Scheduling is at the convenience of the parties and you won’t have to deal with the vagaries of crowded court calendars, multiple cases being set and other delays.  You will get a quick decision as I will give your matter my complete attention and make a well reasoned and thoughtful resolution my priority based on the law and evidence.

In most arbitrated cases you choose the arbitrator rather than having a case assigned to a judge or other decision maker.  My experience of 35 years as a litigator of civil and workers compensation cases, understanding of people and medicine, and lifetime involvement with the development of California law, have served me well in the cases I have selected to arbitrate.

I have served as a judge pro tem over the years and have no qualms about making decisions, but recognize that there are expenses, time, and risks associated with the arbitration process.  My approach is to first encourage the parties to try to settle disputes.  While there are differences between the role I play as an arbitrator and a mediator, in particular not being able to meet ex parte with the litigants and to discuss offers and demands, I have helped the majority of cases settle short of a decision from me.  At the very least issues can be narrowed and the process streamlined in most cases.

For more information on arbitration or to schedule a pre-arbitration conference, give me a call at (510) 333-7118 or send an email to with three proposed dates and times, the nature of the case, and contact information for all counsel.