Mediation   Mediation, done right, is much more than a negotiating session between litigants or a pre-trial settlement conference.   I take full advantage of the special protections California law provides for confidentiality and my position as a trained neutral from our first communication.  More

Arbitration  There are advantages to arbitration, especially the ability to have disputes resolved quickly.  Scheduling is at the convenience of the parties and you won’t have to deal with the vagaries of crowded court calendars, multiple cases being set and other delays.  You will get a quick decision as I will give your matter my complete attention and make a well reasoned and thoughtful resolution my priority based on the law and evidence. More

Early Neutral Evaluation   Early neutral evaluation (ENE), as its name implies, usually happens early in the pre-trial life of a case.  As a neutral, I will assess the strengths and weaknesses of each side, the best and worst case outcomes, and give an evaluation of how the case is likely to be viewed by a decision maker if tried.  More

Discovery Referee   Discovery disputes are most often resolved by the parties reaching an agreement between themselves that is practical and that they can live with.  Sometimes the matter is not that important and is simply dropped or deferred. A smaller number of these disputes need the intervention of a judge. More

Special Master  “Special masters” are appointed by courts or chosen by the parties for their expertise to help them in complex or specialized cases.  It is often said that they are acting in a “quasi judicial” role.  The term is very broad and includes discovery referees.  More

Expert Witness   I have qualified as an expert witness and testified in trials and arbitrations based on my experience as an attorney with over 35 years in litigation, law office management, alternative dispute resolution, making decisions as a judicial officer, lecturing and writing on a number of subjects, and my involvement in the legislative and regulatory processes in California.  More

Litigation and Negotiation Consultation  If you need advice as to tactics, strategy, or evaluation of cases or issues, we can quickly figure out if I can help you. This includes whether mediation or other alternative dispute resolution options make sense for you and your client.  More

Group Training/Speaking  I have enjoyed speaking to a number of groups and organizations throughout California about negotiation, mediation, and the benefits of other alternative dispute resolution processes.  More