Mediation, done right, is much more than a negotiating session between litigants or a pre-trial settlement conference.

Contact me about mediating a case and you will find that I take full advantage of the special protections California law provides for confidentiality and my position as a neutral from our first communication.  I will talk to you and all sides before the mediation to make sure that:

  • The process is understood and set up properly.  (Some attorneys, including even those who have mediated cases before, do not fully appreciate the unique opportunities mediation offers.)
  • That the case will be ripe for resolution.
  • The participants will be prepared in advance.

My goal is result oriented:  To reach an agreement that is durable and seen by all sides as addressing their priority interests better than litigation.

I’m a firm believer that mediation as an alternative to litigation is better if it:

  • Is efficient and doesn’t waste time and money
  • Reaches resolution more quickly
  • User friendly and flexible in scheduling
  • Avoids misunderstandings– and where the parties desire, preserves relationships

As your mediator, I will be tenacious, but respectful and sensitive.  I will go the extra mile in resolving the thorniest of disputes using my 37 years of experience as an attorney and my training as a mediator.  I have never shied away from complicated or difficult cases and the raw emotions that often accompany them.

For more information on mediation or to schedule, give me a call at (510) 333-7118 or send an email to