Group Training/Speaking

I have enjoyed speaking to a number of groups and organizations throughout California about negotiation, mediation, and the benefits of other alternative dispute resolution processes.  This includes:

  • Conventions and seminars
  • Law firms, defense and plaintiff, at their offices
  • Chapter meetings of various organizations
  • Risk managers and insurance executives
  • Claims adjusters at the offices of insurance carriers or TPA’s
  • Industrial claims association gatherings

Many of these have been for MCLE or specialization credits.  I have PowerPoint presentations and materials.  I’m also available for more informal question and answer sessions.

There is a cottage industry of never ending programs on the latest changes in statutes and case law and techniques for litigating cases.  Many of these are important and valuable.

However, since only a small fraction of cases go to trial, it seems to me that there should be more attention paid to negotiation and the resolution of conflict through mediation and alternative dispute resolution.  I am convinced that in many cases this will save costs, offer the parties more control over the outcome, is quicker, and results in better and more durable settlements.

If your firm or organization would like to explore this, please contact me at (510) 333-7118 or email me at